Which type of mattress keeps you cool?

The Saatva includes a high section of pigeonholed coils, which creates plenty of space for airflow. This feature will keep you comfortable and cool all night long. Pressure relief is a major selling point for many people, especially for people who sleep on their sides and on their backs and for people with joint pain. Memory foam and latex beds are great for relieving pressure because they provide a soft, cozy feel to mitigate pressure buildup.

Memory foam may have a long tradition in the world of mattresses, but latex can have superior cooling properties. While foam mattresses tend to sleep hotter than other types of mattresses, some brands integrate cooling components into their beds to reduce heat retention. The DreamCloud mattress is a luxury hybrid mattress made with layers of memory foam and bagged coils. We measure pressure relief by placing a pressure pad between the tester and the surface of the mattress, allowing you to read the pressure that the mattress exerts against the tester's body.

If you prefer the feel of a traditional mattress rather than a bed in a box, Saatva offers you the quality of in-store models with the convenience of shopping online. The downside was that the mattress itself was quite soft and didn't have good support around the edges, but you can buy just the cover if you want to use it over another 10- or 11-inch mattress. Choosing a mattress is a difficult decision because there are so many variables you need to consider, especially when you're looking for a refreshing mattress. The quality of the materials, the methods of construction and the additional features of the specific models will affect the quality of a particular mattress for you.

The materials used in mattresses can influence how well (or poorly) a mattress regulates temperature. With an astounding 49,000 reviews and an average of 4.8 stars, this mattress has many testimonials that attest to its quality. Cooling mattresses are an excellent solution for those who need a solution to the cooling problem, but are unable to invest the money in a new mattress. Keep in mind that most roll-up mattresses contain some foams (usually polyethylene foam or memory foam), which are mostly padded inside the mattress covers.

If your mattress sleeps too hot, but you're not in the market to buy a new one, you can freshen up the bed by buying a cooling mattress protector or swapping out the bedding for something more breathable. The Cocoon mattress is an affordable bed-in-a-box mattress with a basic design that should be ideal for anyone looking for a short-term solution. The mattress is designed with a bagged coil system that promotes constant airflow and helps the mattress maintain a comfortable temperature. Please note that an “inflatable bed” is an extended-use mattress and does not refer to inflatable mattresses that are used temporarily for camping or traveling.

While it's important to understand how the material a mattress is made of can affect cooling and heating performance, it's more important to understand how these materials work together within the larger design of the mattress itself.