Why Mattresses Take So Long to Deliver: An Expert's Perspective

The mattress industry has been facing a challenge in keeping up with the ever-growing demand for mattresses, resulting in shortages and delays. This is due to difficulties in manufacturing new inventories, as well as materials scarcity. To make matters worse, some mattress companies only produce beds after the order is placed. This means that customers have to wait longer for their mattress to arrive. Traditional mattress stores pass their highest costs on to the consumer, which is why Amanda was determined to revolutionize the mattress buying experience.

She created CrĀve, the only mattress company that ships an interior spring mattress in a box, directly to your front door. This eliminates the hassle of having to climb a mattress up narrow stairs or in a small apartment. The CrāVe hybrid inner spring mattress offers the perfect plush feel that only a rolled inner spring can provide, along with the comforts found in memory foam. It also uses latex and memory foam, which increases airflow so you can sleep better while staying cool. When looking for a new mattress, it's important to check the store's shipping and delivery policies. If you want to take the mattress home immediately after buying it, make sure it is available in the store.

It's also beneficial to check if the mattress is temperature sensitive and has an “open cell” structure, which means that the foam in the mattress has small air pockets that can be punctured. Amanda and her team embarked on research and development to create a reasonably priced foam mattress, as well as a compressed mattress. The result was a firm memory foam construction that breathes well and offers unparalleled comfort for a mattress of this class. In conclusion, it's important to keep in mind that mattresses take longer than usual to deliver due to difficulties in manufacturing new inventories and materials scarcity. It's always advantageous to check the store's shipping and delivery policies before buying a mattress online or from a traditional store.