Are there any independent assessments that can help me evaluate the quality of different mattresses?

The scores for each evaluation are carefully weighed to calculate an overall score. How CR rates mattresses At CR, we assign an overall score to each mattress based on the calculation of their ratings through a series of tests and survey data on their comfort and owner satisfaction. Our mattress ratings show the overall score of each mattress, as well as its performance in specific tests and surveys. Human beings usually spend about a third of their lives sleeping, although this allows them to take full advantage of the remaining two-thirds of the day only if their sleep is undisturbed or interrupted.

In recent years, an increasing number of people have complained of sleep disorders. Evaluation of sleep quality in a new mattress system for 28 days. They compared a latex mattress and a traditional spring mattress in 16 healthy volunteers and evaluated the results before and after both using actigraphy and a mini-sleep questionnaire (MSQ). Nowadays, there are even online mattresses available for testing in stores without walk-in, but if you're interested in those that aren't, look for a generous trial period so you can evaluate your mattress correctly at home.

Use of the VAS scale to assess the quality of sleep, the comfort and efficiency of the adopted mattress system and pain symptoms related to the stiffness of the lower back, shoulders and spine. People who sleep on their side with shoulder or upper back pain should also consider the pressure-relieving qualities of a mattress before buying it, as poor pressure relief can cause tension in these areas. Questionnaire on the structural and morphological qualities of the mattress (firmness and softness).