How Much Does it Cost to Dispose of a Mattress in California? A Comprehensive Guide

Are you wondering how much it costs to get rid of a mattress in California? The Mattress Recycling Council (MRC) has implemented a program that makes it easier and more cost-effective to recycle mattresses and box springs. This program is overseen by the California Department of Recycling and Resource Recovery (CalRecycle). The MRC's Bye Bye Mattress program allows retailers or businesses that use used mattresses to collect them and take them directly to a participating recycling facility or use the MRC's Volume Program. This recycling fee is “per piece”, so if the box spring or base comes in two pieces, the fee will be charged for each one.

This means that recycling box spring mattresses is now free throughout California. The MRC has also launched a compensation program for illegal mattress dumping in California. This law supports a state effort to reduce the amount of mattresses that are discarded in landfills, reduce illegal dumping of mattresses, and increase mattress recycling. As a result, only a small percentage of mattresses are recycled each year, even though they are easily recyclable.

Retailers can also hire a third party to deliver a new mattress or pick up a used mattress. A common carrier who delivers a new mattress to a consumer as a result of an online purchase is not required to pick up a used mattress for recovery. By using a one-time recycling fee charged at the point of sale, the recycling program can use funds more cost-effectively, ensuring that mattresses are recycled and that consumers have options when it comes to disposing of old mattresses. No more nightmares about paying to dispose of old mattresses!.