Are there any independent reports that can help me evaluate the quality of different mattresses?

Several studies in the literature aimed to evaluate which could be the best mattress for preventing back pain and improving sleep and quality of life; however, the lack of unambiguous findings suggests that more research on this topic is warranted. Therefore, the objective of this review is to evaluate available studies to understand which mattresses can effectively reduce back pain or prevent its occurrence. In this way, health professionals will be able to recommend to patients the right type of mattress to limit or avoid the symptoms of back pain, thus providing them with benefits in terms of quality of life. An objective improvement in sleep efficiency, sleep onset latency and motor activity during sleep were reported on both mattresses; however, no improvement in the subjective perception of sleep quality was observed in the case of the latex mattress.

They compared a latex mattress and a traditional spring mattress in 16 healthy volunteers and evaluated the results before and after both using actigraphy and a mini-sleep questionnaire (MSQ). Questionnaire on the structural and morphological qualities of the mattress (firmness and softness).