Do Mattresses Have a Trial Period? All You Need to Know

When it comes to buying a mattress, it's important to understand the trial period that comes with it. All the best mattresses come with a trial period, ranging from 90 to 365 nights, depending on the brand. This free period gives you the opportunity to decide if the mattress is right for you. Mattress testing is much more than just a trial period.

Some are risk-free, meaning that you'll get all your money back if you change your mind. It's essential to understand the factors that influence the performance of the mattress in order to make the most of the trial period. If a customer discovers that the mattress doesn't fit well after the adaptation period and during the sleep test, they can contact customer service of their mattress company to initiate a return. Warranties don't replace a mattress if a customer is no longer satisfied with it, but they do cover any defects in the mattress itself. While companies that offer sleep tests expect these mattresses to be used every night, badly damaged or dirty mattresses cannot be returned for a refund.

The customer can also request a mattress change if the company offers one that best suits their needs. Buying a mattress online offers many advantages compared to shopping in person. While feeling the mattresses before taking them home is an advantage of physical stores, online stores offer many conveniences. If you immediately notice that the mattress sleeps warm, but you can't return it for 30 days, you may be staying a long month. Therefore, people who tend to be naturally hot or weigh more should seriously research the best memory foam mattresses, best hybrid mattresses, or best mattresses for people who sleep warm before buying them. Since memory foam mattresses tend to “hug people who sleep and retain their body heat”, about 9% of homeowners “state that they sleep uncomfortably warm, and 12% of hybrid mattress owners share the same complaint.

If your new mattress retains heat, you can exchange it for a different type or for a mattress with advanced temperature regulation technology. As buying mattresses online has become more popular, so have mattress trial periods, and some trial periods of up to 365 nights. Online mattress stores are generous in terms of the amount of time they offer during the trial period; most offer 100 nights or more for you to decide if the mattress is good for storage. As the buyer must pay for the mattress in advance, a mattress trial period is not a free trial in the true sense of the word. In addition, certain problems with the mattress itself may be covered by the mattress warranty, which allows it to be returned.